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Branding, logo design, visual identity, web design and stationary

Thorsten Miché, the managing director of skybits came to me in the search of new branding that was saturated with his personality and also reflected the main benefits of his service.
Skybits is an eFuelling company which focuses on safe and integrated operations in a digital world. They've developed fuelport, an eFuelling software for airports and airlines which is designed for realtime collaborations. Skybits has clients all over the world and fuelport is used by many different job roles. Field engineers, pilots and operations teams are all working with fuelport in their day-to-day work, and profit from skybits’ expertise. Rather than just explaining fuelport’s ease of use, we also wanted to demonstrate this "ease of use" experience to the client directly on the website. In order to create this experience, I decided to use symbols which are easy to read and almost universally recognisable: pictograms. The whole design concentrates on the clean and organised structure delivered by skybits and which is absolutely necessary to maintain standards and offer safe and integrated operations.

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