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Web Design and Website Maintenance with Foresight: Keeping Your Online Presence Always Up-to-Date and Powerful!

A website is more than just a static element – it requires continuous care. Long-term updates such as contact information, opening hours, and employee details are as crucial as temporary changes like vacation periods or specific hygiene measures. Some of my clients utilize blogs, for which I take care of maintenance. They focus on content, and I ensure smooth operations.

In addition to visible adjustments, I keep an eye on legal aspects and, if necessary, update my clients' privacy policies once a year as an eRecht24 Premium member. If needed, I implement new features and optimizations to enhance user experience.
Adapting to evolving online trends and technologies is another aspect of my post-care service. I keep websites up-to-date to ensure they are modern and future-proof.
Communication with my clients is also a focal point of my post-care service. I am available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer training if needed, empowering my clients to have full control over their websites.

With my comprehensive post-care, I not only ensure the website's performance but also foster a trustworthy partnership, allowing my clients to rely on their online presence.
For every website I create, I offer individual post-care packages (S, M, and L), ensuring that the websites, tailored to my clients' needs, remain current and fully functional.

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