Smart, Premium,
and always
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With eye-catching visuals, Corporate Identities and web designs I help your brand to reach a new level.

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Sustainable Crowd

Dynamic identity for a sustainable tomorrow


A colourful branding for your magic sales moment

What our clients say...

Janka Eckert
and Julia Kline

Founder of Sustainable Crowd

“...Not only does her graphic style have a strong recognition value, but Sandra's way of working also enables us to apply the design system on various channels such as social media.”


Christian Wiesner

Founder of CW Tax Consultancy

"…She managed to interpret the somewhat conservative identity of a tax consultancy in a modern and contemporary way…"


Helmut Rector

Founder of validAid

"…Through Sandra's expertise and dedication, she contributes to elevating our brand to a new level. She has developed a deep understanding of our needs and goals, and her work reflects this. …"

Katrin Wernstedt

Dentistry Katrin Wernstedt

"...The fresh new colors and the newly acquired corporate identity fulfill all my wishes and now showcase the strengths of the practice."



MKG Rheinhessen

From the basic idea to a comprehensive presentation: A behind-the-scenes look at the MKG Rheinhessen website - WebDesign, Photography, and Print Media


Process: We will be the icing on your cake! From Initial Consultation to Creative Implementation

We're Your Design Partners Every Step of the Way


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