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The Sustainable Crowd is a sustainability and change management consultancy spearheaded by the dynamic duo Julia Kline and Janka Eckert. Their ethos revolves around the power of collaboration to propel sustainability within the apparel industry.

Our adventure kicked off with a strategic branding process, where we delved deep into defining their target audience/personas and uncovering the unique qualities that set them apart. The outcome? A vibrant and flexible identity system that not only captures their essence but also empowers them to effortlessly create compelling content.

Additionally, we've produced a series of branded content to spotlight their themes of sustainability transformation. Dive into the complete image series on sandrajunker.de.
The captivating portraits were skillfully captured by the talented Tabea Mathern.

Sustainable Crowd

"Together with Sandra from Studio SeeYa, we underwent a comprehensive creative and strategic branding process. Sandra initiated the preparation for our work on the corporate identity and website through highly targeted questions in a branding workshop. This allowed us not only to co-creatively develop our brand but also to define the target audience, create personas, and sharpen our focus on the audience. In an agile process, we then collaboratively developed the text and visuals of the website, which Sandra efficiently implemented for us in Webflow. Not only does her graphic style have a strong recognition value, but Sandra's way of working also enables us to apply the design system on various channels such as social media."

Julia Kline und Janka Eckert, CEO's

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