Meet the team:

Me, my team and I are here for you and your business! We are not the biggest company in the world but I assure you, this can work in your favour:

1. We are hard-working and nothing slips through the cracks

With unwavering dedication, we tackle every task head-on, ensuring that nothing escapes our attention. Together, we turn challenges into triumphs!

2. We take care

Whether a small or large company, we've got you covered! We're here to support you and ensure you can concentrate on what truly matters for your external impact.

3. We are adventurous individual always on the lookout for new inspirations

At the heart of our team beats the rhythm of curiosity and a relentless pursuit of innovation. We thrive on exploration, constantly seeking fresh perspectives and novel ideas to infuse into our work. Join us on this exciting journey of continuous exploration and boundless creativity!

4. We are prepared

Preparedness is our mantra, and it's more than just a state of readiness—it's a mindset. Armed with dedication and a proactive approach, we face challenges head-on, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Passion is the driving force behind everything we undertake, infusing energy and excitement into every project. We don't just work; we immerse ourselves in the joy of creation, turning tasks into opportunities to express our enthusiasm.

Patience is not just a virtue; it's one of our superpowers. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we navigate challenges with resilience and a cool demeanor.

And if this isn't compelling enough...

behold our highly skilled team of individual freelance specialists, ready to join forces and elevate your projects to new heights! We have a dynamic group of experts, each bringing their unique talents to the table. The possibilities are limitless, and we're excited to bring this powerhouse of creativity and expertise to your endeavors whenever needed.

Your projects are about to get a turbocharged boost with our exceptional team on board!

What our clients say...

Janka Eckert
and Julia Kline

Founder of Sustainable Crowd

“...Not only does her graphic style have a strong recognition value, but Sandra's way of working also enables us to apply the design system on various channels such as social media.”


Christian Wiesner

Founder of CW Tax Consultancy

"…She managed to interpret the somewhat conservative identity of a tax consultancy in a modern and contemporary way…"


Helmut Rector

Founder of validAid

"…Through Sandra's expertise and dedication, she contributes to elevating our brand to a new level. She has developed a deep understanding of our needs and goals, and her work reflects this. …"

Katrin Wernstedt

Dentistry Katrin Wernstedt

"...The fresh new colors and the newly acquired corporate identity fulfill all my wishes and now showcase the strengths of the practice."

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