Tax consultancy Christian Wiesner

art direction, web design, branding, logo design, photography, business cards, stationary

Christian came to me in search of a brand identity for his first tax consultancy business. He wanted to show that an accountant doesn‘t have to have the same traditional look that other firms do. Instead, he wanted to have something which also reflected his personality, his sense of humour and something which showed his dedication to his job. On the other hand, along with all the humour and fun, it still had to look serious and trustworthy. Inspired by our workshop and getting to know Christian even better, we decided to go with two colours: a rich, dark green and a warm orange. The dark green reflects the seriousness and trustworthiness of the organisation, and the warm orange highlights his dedication and the fun of the job. Together we worked on the titles for the text passages: “You are not alone, we‘ll help you”, “We are fast” etc. As a direct reaction to these titles, I created the images. In order to give the users an additional experience, most of the images move whilst scrolling through the website. And if you decide to take Christian on as your accountant, you‘ll find the images and props used all over his office.

"Absolutely recommendable! Sandra is a highly creative, motivated, and very personable designer. Her craftsmanship and ideas are unique. She developed and designed the entire corporate identity for our firm, from the website and logo to the business cards. The result is truly impressive. She managed to interpret the somewhat conservative identity of a tax consultancy in a modern and contemporary way. We are very satisfied and look forward to further collaborative projects."

Christian Wiesner,  Founder of CW Steuerkanzlei


"Tax consultant Christian Wiesner wanted a branding that stands out from the traditional look of the industry. Studio SeeYa delivered it and shows how much fun taxes can be!"


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