Tax consultancy Concept Renkes und Partner

Visual identity, WebDesign (Two Languages: German and English), Photography, Digital Art

Concept Renkes and Partner mbB is a tax consulting firm with about 40 employees in Mainz, Germany. With over 30 years experience, Concept is an established institution in Mainz. Their success is based primarily on the knowledge and commitment of their employees, who are eager to take responsibility and ready to face new challenges and tasks every day. As such, Concept wanted to reflect this within their visual identity. To reposition themselves they commissioned Studio SeeYa to develop a new visual identity and online presence. After several workshops with the partners, we developed a deep understanding of what makes Concept special and what deserved recognition. Besides wanting to showcase a hard-working team, it was also important for Concept to highlight how they help their clients to go digital and always stay up to date within the digitalisation aspect. The visual identity is based on shapes (squares and cubes) and movement. The originally established logo and colour was retained and incorporated into the final design.

For the employee search, we have developed a career overview page where all job seekers can be convinced of the advantages of a position at Concept Renkes & Partner. We identified Concept's strengths as an employer in a collaborative workshop and presented them on the website.

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