Process: We will be the icing on your cake! From Initial Consultation to Creative Implementation

Let's connect:

We're Your Design Partners Every Step of the Way

Can you imagine us being the cherry on top of your cream cake? However, you may not have a precise idea of how the whole process will unfold yet?

No worries!

In the first step, you contact me, and we initially have a non-binding conversation over the phone and schedule a free online initial consultation. If your company is nearby, we can also arrange to meet in person.

Initial Consultation

During our initial conversation, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, we get to know each other without any obligations. We discuss your requirements and ideas broadly, and I answer all your questions. Based on these initial details, I will provide you with a written proposal.

It's a match! See Ya for a coffee, espresso, cappuccino

Finally, we can get started: Every project begins with a workshop, tailored to the requirements you bring. Accordingly, we meet for coffee, a quick espresso, or an extensive cappuccino with a piece of cake. During such a workshop, we discuss, for example, the focus your company wants to set and communicate externally. If a website is part of the scope, we collaboratively develop the content and structure of the website. We also address questions like "What is your company's target audience?" or "What are your current challenges?" To make the workshop as efficient as possible, it is preceded by thorough individual research.

Now it gets creative

Based on the workshop results, I create guiding drafts. These drafts are then discussed and adjusted in feedback rounds.
It is important to me that you are involved in my working process, and regular feedback rounds are held.
If the drafts meet your expectations, I can start the implementation. This may involve a medium such as your entire branding identity, website, or images for your webpage, for example.


The final drafts are now implemented in the corresponding medium. Again, there are feedback rounds where we review the implementation and make detailed adjustments until it precisely meets your wishes and is optimized for your target audience.

And now? Now that everything is ready, what happens next?

No need to worry; I won't leave you alone. If desired, I provide ongoing support to all my clients even after completing our first project.
This could involve regular website maintenance or simply a call when something new comes up, such as new business cards, images for the website, or a flyer.
If you want to learn more about my website maintenance services, it's best to read my blog post on this topic. However, I am also happy to personally answer all your questions on this matter.

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