Single exhibition "Show me your fridge" at Horizonte Zingst

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Show me your fridge with a single exhibition at Environmental Festival Horzionte Zingst

Glad and proud to be a part of this years Fotografie Zingst with a single exhibition “Show me your fridge”. Special thanks to Edda Fahrenhorst who curated the exhibition and gave me the chance to show my project. Seeing my images in this scale gave them a whole new dimension and invited the viewer to dig even deeper into all the fridges. I especially enjoyed watching all the visitors going through the fridges, each finding different details and also question their own consuming behavior. The exhibition is still open until autumn 2022.

Zingst is a peninsula in the Baltic Sea. In the evening, the festival visitors then let the day end together, at the "Bilderflut". For this purpose, a huge screen was built. There the highlights of the day were shown. Also my exhibition opening was shown there, with an interview of me. In addition to my exhibition, other refrigerator pictures were shown. A really nice evening and for me personally another highlight!

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