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From the basic idea to a comprehensive presentation: A behind-the-scenes look at the MKG Rheinhessen website - WebDesign, Photography, and Print Media

WebDesign, Photography, Print Media such as: Brochures, Business Cards, Website Maintenance

MKG Rheinhessen is an oral surgery practice, led by Thomas Morbach in the heart of Alzey.

The project involved designing a website, capturing team photos, and developing graphics as design elements. After completing the project, various print materials were also created.
The project was based on an existing logo and color scheme. Although there was already a website, it had to be completely redesigned and restructured from the ground up.
Since the basic elements for branding were already in place, a brief "SeeYa for an Espresso" workshop was held at the beginning. This workshop laid the foundation for aligning the website with the needs of the target audience. In our workshop, we structured the headlines and information in a way that they could be easily understood and accessed by the target audience.
The clear structuring of headlines and information in the workshop ensures that relevant content is easily understandable and accessible. Considering SEO aspects in text composition improves the practice's visibility for potential patients in the digital space.
The website experience was complemented by animated pictograms, each representing a specific focus. Graphics as design elements were strategically used to present information on the website in an appealing manner.
In addition, I took pictures of individual team members and a group photo for the practice. The team photos not only conveyed authenticity but also strengthened patients' trust as they could get to know the faces behind the practice.
The MKG Rheinhessen website is a perfect example of how, after completing the project, the website can be expanded in terms of content with subpages. Subsequently, we expanded the website, for example, with "Seminars" or "Biological Dentistry."

We also created various brochures to make information about MKG Rheinhessen available outside of the website.

MKG Rheinhessen

"With Studio SeeYa, we have found an all-encompassing partner who provides us with everything from photography and flyer/brochure design to website creation, all under one roof. The ongoing maintenance of our website impresses with professionalism and dedication. When needed, Sandra responds quickly and flexibly, as seen in the last-minute addition of additional pages. The consultation has always been competent and tailored to our needs – an all-around positive experience!"

Thomas Morbach


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