Branding, WebDesign and DigitalArt

digitaLabs from Düsseldorf assists tax consultants and their clients on the path to digitization. During this time, they act as guides, providing navigation and helping their clients conquer the mountain of digitization. The branding focuses on everything related to navigation, travel, and guiding.

digitaLabs knows the way to the digital land. Along the journey, adventurers encounter 'digital landmarks' such as a stapler bar, folder windmill, paper mountain, paper ships, and a Mayan printer. The map to the digital land offers many possibilities for generating various individual images.
On the one hand, detailed photos can be created, or the individual landmarks can be isolated against a white background.

Perfectly aligned with the corporate identity, we have designed a blog "Logbuch". In this blog, digitaLabs regularly provides individual entries for their clients. In the overview of blog entries, the viewer can choose between four main topics and display them accordingly. Each blog entry is individually tailored by us to meet the needs of digitaLabs.

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